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Robin Williams

Robin Williams
Reading about the death of the actor Robin Williams last week shocked and saddened me. As a child I looked forward to watching Mork and Mindy on TV, it was one of the highlights of my week. I was also disgusted to read that there had been many spiteful and malicious comments on facebook and twitter regarding the manner of his death. Whilst I do not want to engage in the possible reasons as to what drives some people to do something like that, I do believe that what we put out to the world comes back to us three fold. If we generally act in a kind and compassionate manner this will be returned to us in abundance. if we are mean spirited and spiteful that also will be returned to us.
Have you ever been thinking about someone and the phone rings? Of course you have, this is because whenever you think about someone you are sending that person your thoughts and feelings. I now want to dedicate the rest of this post to people that we know who are battling a physical or mental illness (or both). Please post whatever information you feel happy to share. All who read the blog can send positive thoughts to the people concerned and those of us that  are trained in Reiki can send a little distant healing.
I would like to start:
To my good friend Kathy who has cancer and who is battling with a difficult home life. Love and best wishes. I know you have the strength to deal with both and have a joyful and abundant life.

Shoden: The Definitive Guide to First Degree Reiki

Shoden cover
It only seems like yesterday that I first became aware of Reiki. I remember searching online for something to focus on after the death of my mother. As I began to search and read about various complementary therapies Reiki kept appearing, it was just as if Reiki had chosen me. It seemed, on reflection, as if the universe was saying “hey, now it’s your turn”. Have you ever felt like that? Have you ever felt that something or even someone was calling you?
So, yes, I took the Reiki courses: all three levels. I had not intended to move beyond the second degree but as I began to work on clients some asked me questions that I was unable to answer and others wanted to learn how to “do” Reiki for themselves.
When I began to teach I did, and still do, feel honoured to become part of my student lives and, when I connect them to the Reiki source via the Reiju empowerments, I often wonder what changes they will make and how their lives can and will change. Some experience subtle changes and others much greater ones.
After I had been teaching for a few years I felt driven to write my very own Reiki first degree manual. I wanted something that my students could take home with them, something that they could refer to time and time again. I also wanted to provide my students with the tools to move forward on their Reiki journey. This is all now possible as I have just realised my dream. I have just released my third book, ” Shoden: The Definitive Guide to First Degree Reiki” by Marion McGeough.
As well as having information about the history of Reiki, the precepts and how to carry out a Reiki treatment and much more, I have included specific chapters on Mindfulness and Meditation. These chapters take the student through all they need to know to learn to meditate correctly. The concept of mindfulness, so important to Usui and his students, is fully explained and a 4 week beginner’s programme is included to both help the student come to grips with learning how to live in the moment. The book is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions.
I truly love to write. I find writing relaxing and therapeutic. When I was a child I also loved to write and then as I grew older “life” simply got in the way. Reiki has helped me to re-connect with myself. I am a much calmer, more relaxed person that I was prior to learning Reiki; I feel more deeply connected to the source and I appreciate nature and all that she offers so much more now. I take the time to admire the beauty all around me. If you have studied Reiki and you would like to share your experiences I would very much like to hear from you.
Love and light to you all,

Spring Cleaning

Now spring is upon us and we have longer and often brighter days, I began to notice that it was time for my annual spring clean. Yes it was time to get into these difficult to reach corners and open the windows wide and allow the house to breathe.
As I was really getting into my cleaning I found one of my old emeralds which had slipped down the back of a cupboard. Knowing that crystals and stone have a way of disappearing and coming back to their owners when they want to, I held the crystal in my hand so that I could feel its vibrations and connect with it once more. Once I felt connected to the crystal I then soaked it overnight in a bowl of sea salt. Once cleansed I placed the crystal in a prominent place where it could be seen and where it could get some sunlight.
Later, as I sat reading a magazine I found that my attention was drawn to the crystal. I suddenly remembered that an emerald is the birthstone for the month of May. The crystal came back to me at the start of May. I then began to think of the properties of the stone. Emerald is associated with the heart chakra and when used during healing it helps to balance the chakra. Emeralds can help those with memory problems, the stones have a calming effect and indeed the energy in the room was very relaxed and calm. Emeralds also help to detox the liver.
As my mind wandered I began to think of a particular friend who would benefit from a reiki session with crystals and I believe that this friend would also benefit from the use of this particular emerald. Just as I was about to pick up the phone and call her my phone rang, guess who it was? Now I believe that everything happens for a reason. What do you think?

Just For Today..

Whilst I really enjoy carrying out my daily self healing meditations a few weeks ago I was feeling quite stressed out and for the first time ever I took a step back and reminded myself of the reiki Precepts and in particular the first part, “Just For Today”. So, on that particular day whenever I was feeling stressed and anxious I would stop and ask myself why I was feeling that way as well as verbally reminding myself not to worry and not to be angry.At the end of day one I felt happier and more relaxed. I continued in this way for a whole week each time I was feeling stressed, angry or any other negative emotion I would ask myself why I was feeling that way and then remind myself that, at that particular moment and for that particular day only I need not be worried or angry and I told myself to let go of any negativity. At the end of the week I was feeling much more positive, happier and more full of love and joy for nature and humanity. I felt as if a blockage had been removed from my heart chakra. I also feel physically lighter as well as being where I should be physically and mentally. I intend to keep up this practice and I am grateful to my guides for leading in the right direction and showing me the path to the wonderful world of reiki.

Here are the reiki precepts for those of you who do not know what they are:

The secret art of inviting happiness
The miraculous medicine for all diseases:

Just for today
Do not anger,
Do not worry.
Be humble
Be honest
Be compassionate towards yourself and others.

To all my reiki friends out there : How have the reiki precepts affected your life ?

The Weather

It has been a long time since I last sat down to write my blog as I have been busy writing my book  “A Begininers Guide To Crystal Healing” and as I have almost finished it  I now have time to put pen to paper or rather my fingers to the keyboard and begin my New Years resolution which was to post at least monthly on my blog.

Today is a great day for my three dogs Alfie, Bones  (who is really my husbands dog and who is now world famous, check out his blog) and Jessie. The snow has been falling all day long and as I am devoted to my furbabies I wrap up warm and take them on their twice daily walks. The problem is that once off the lead they dont want to come back – they LOVE the snow and when I get to the fields at the back of my home and let them off their leads they simply do not want to come back. So, I am left standing there  trying to attract their attention as they run and roll around in the snow. By the time I get home they are tired out and I am cold and miserable but at the same time pleased that they have had a lovely time.

Due to all of the walking and time out in the cold weather I have began to develop a bit of a sore throat. I have been sending reiki to the throat and to the throat chakra as well as using green calcite to increase my energy and vibrations. This is a great stone to wear, especailly over the throat chakra in the form of a pendant as it helps eliminate any problems with the lungs and thyroid as well as supporting the immune system. You can also carry the stone around in your pocket or as some other form of jewellery.

Well, I am feeling much better now – ready to go out with the  dogs on another walk !!

The History of Reiki

Although Reiki is gaining in popularity, there are many who, although they have heard of it, don’t know much about the origins of Reiki. Here is a short history of Reiki and its founder Mikao Usui that I originally wrote for my website The British Academy of Reiki, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Reiki begins with the birth of Mikao Usui in 1865. At this time Japan was undergoing a transformation. Christianity was declared illegal and those who refused to renounce it were executed, most Japanese had to register at Shinto temples. The ban on Christianity was only lifted in 1873 after Japan was forced to open up its borders. Industrialisation led to great change and people sought ways to keep hold of traditions and cultures.
Usui grew up in a village now called Miyama-Cho. He came from a Tendai Buddhist family and he had a sister and two brothers. Usui was a big powerful man who although kind, quiet and compassionate he did not tolerate foolish behaviour and he could be harsh and critical at times. Usui’s family were very poor and indeed, throughout his life he appeared to place little importance on material things. He married and had a son and a daughter. In order to support his family Usui took a number of jobs ranging from public servant, office worker, reporter and eventually a policitican’s secretary where he was afforded the opportunity to travel outside of Japan to Europe, America and China. During these visits Usui was said to have been fascinated with the way people lived their lives and the many traditions and cultures present in the world around him.
Usui also loved to study and he read many subjects including medicine, psychology, numerology and astrology. Usui was searching for the ultimate purpose in life and after many years of studying he became frustrated and on the advice of monks he carried out a 21 day fast at Mount Kurama. Some say that this was where Usui experienced a state of enlightenment however, Usui’s system was not something new to him which came in a flash of inspiration, rather it was rooted in many existing traditions. The original system did not have a name and it is thought that the name was given by the Usui Reiki Ryocho Gakkai (the Usui Reiki Healing Method) which was set up by Usui’s students in 1926 after his death.
Usui’s healing methods become very popular and it was said that he had many students. Some of his students asked him to teach them how to heal and the students travelled from all over Japan to meet him. The older generation in particular liked his methods as they believed that he was keeping traditions and customs alive. Usui’s students came to his house often they would stay for a day or two go home practice what Usui had taught them and return some time later. It could take up to a years to complete reiki first degree only a few students carried on to the second degree and even less to the master level. Reiki was not just a healing method but a whole spiritual practice . Students only moved forward when Usui thought that they were ready. Reiki was seen to be a work in progress throughout a person’s life with the aim to reach the highest level of enlightenment possible.
As Usuis methods become more and more popular the Japanese military became interested in him. Usui was approached and asked to teach the imperial officers ways in which they could help heal themselves if hurt during battle as there was a desperate shortage of medics available. Usui appeared to show some initial reluctance to do this as his system was based on spiritual enlightenment and not a mechanical process. None the less, Usui devised a system of training and he also used symbols for the different frequencies of energy. An imperial officer Dr Chujiro Hayashi was trained by Usui, a Christian he had little interest in using intuitive methods or scanning techniques which were taught by Usui . he opened a clinic which was similar to a hospital ward. Patients were treated with reiki and he documented the results noting the most beneficial hand positions for people with specific conditions. Interestingly, Hayashi still expected his students to be able to use scanning and intuitive techniques.
One of Dr Hayashi’s patients was a woman called Hawayo Takata who lived in Hawaii. She was suffering from a cancerous tumour and a number of other health problems all of which were resolved with reiki. With her good health restored, this once sceptic began to learn reiki herself. Mrs Takata taught 22 people to masters level and they have in turn, taught many others.
Because Mrs Takata was teaching reiki after the second world war, Japan and anything Japanese was not looked at very favourably. To get around this Usui was introduced as a Christian theologian who had sought to develop a system of healing similar to the miracles that Jesus had performed. Western style reiki is now taught on courses throughout the world.