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The Weather

It has been a long time since I last sat down to write my blog as I have been busy writing my book  “A Begininers Guide To Crystal Healing” and as I have almost finished it  I now have time to put pen to paper or rather my fingers to the keyboard and begin my New Years resolution which was to post at least monthly on my blog.

Today is a great day for my three dogs Alfie, Bones  (who is really my husbands dog and who is now world famous, check out his blog) and Jessie. The snow has been falling all day long and as I am devoted to my furbabies I wrap up warm and take them on their twice daily walks. The problem is that once off the lead they dont want to come back – they LOVE the snow and when I get to the fields at the back of my home and let them off their leads they simply do not want to come back. So, I am left standing there  trying to attract their attention as they run and roll around in the snow. By the time I get home they are tired out and I am cold and miserable but at the same time pleased that they have had a lovely time.

Due to all of the walking and time out in the cold weather I have began to develop a bit of a sore throat. I have been sending reiki to the throat and to the throat chakra as well as using green calcite to increase my energy and vibrations. This is a great stone to wear, especailly over the throat chakra in the form of a pendant as it helps eliminate any problems with the lungs and thyroid as well as supporting the immune system. You can also carry the stone around in your pocket or as some other form of jewellery.

Well, I am feeling much better now – ready to go out with the  dogs on another walk !!

Our dog Bones has a blog called Bonesdiary, please read this story that I have reblogged from there and support Lennox from Belfast; it’s a worthwhile cause.


One of my best friends, Marina Kanavaki, sent me this link:

I hadn’t heard about this but apparently one of our furry brothers has been put on death row in Belfast and has been there for two years, just because they say he looks like a pitbull. They measured him and from those measurements they have ascertained that he is a dangerous dog and should be destroyed.

The dog in question, Lennox, has never attacked anyone, has never shown aggression and is not even a pitbull, he’s a labrador/american bulldog cross and he is a family pet; a pet that is so loved by his family, they are prepared to pay thousands of pounds in court fees to bring him home.

A petition to spare his life has been signed by many thousands around the world yet it is ignored by the courts. Here is the latest from the Belfast…

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New Venue for Reiki Near Birmingham

I am very pleased to announce that the British Academy of Reiki has moved to a new venue for Reiki treatments and training courses near Birmingham, offering Reiki across the West Midlands. We are now based at Serenity Beauty Salon, 147 Sutton Road, Wylde Green, Sutton Coldfield B23 5TN.

Visit our website for more details:

2012: What does it mean to you ?

I thought that I would start this blog off by asking the question : what does 2012 mean to you ? Whilst we all have our own personal schedule for the forthcoming year are you expecting something of a major worldwide change or shift  to occur ? Some believe that this will be the end of the world , others that we will become more in balance with the world around us. Those of us who are attuned to reiki, meditate or have a close connecttion to the earth may notice any changes sooner than most or perhaps you are an observer of people and you have noticed some subtle shifts in behaviour/attitude. Please let me know what you think. Your comments are appreciated.

A New Year and a New Chapter

This is my first post on my new blog, I would like to use it to wish everybody a happy and prosperous 2012.