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Ever since I have been practising mindful walking I have found a level of inner peace that far exceeds anything I have felt before. The secret to Mindful walking is that you can walk anywhere and at anytime and still achieve a wonderful sense of peace and tranquillity. You become at one with yourself, you feel grounded and in control.
Most people these days limit walking. Walking takes time and therefore, in a culture where every minute must be occupied with doing and achieving things, most of us limit walking to going back and forth from the car park to their place of employment, around the supermarket, shopping mall and a few other places. When we walk we tend to be highly distracted. We focus on everything else but the walking. We may be talking on the phone, texting or hurrying from one place to the next because we have lots of things to do and little time in which to do them. Often when we walk we do not just walk and look at all that is around us and this is where the problem exists in so many of our lives.
I am very fortunate because I live close to open fields and woodlands. I have three dogs and each day I take them out and fully observe my environment. As I walk I feel gratitude for the ability to be able to walk freely without pain or discomfort. I feel the earth beneath my feet and feel grateful for this beautiful planet and all that resides within it. As I walk I feel all negative energy being slowly pulled down my body. Down my legs and to the earth where it can do no harm. I feel a sense of peace as any thoughts and negative feelings from the day simply drift away.
As I walk I notice the colour of the leaves, the odd rabbit hole and a gentle breeze as it passes around me. I notice the wild flowers in Summer and the sugar coated trees and bushes in the Winter when it has snowed. If I am taking an early morning walk, I notice and feel the stillness and freshness that precedes a new day. Each new day is a new beginning. I have learnt to plan my schedule but to also live through each moment. How often have we planned too much but found that our plans have not gone the way we expected them to? Life is unpredictable, it certainly would be boring if it were not!
The next time you take a walk remember to walk in a Mindful Manner. You do not have to be in a beautiful environment in order to do so. Even in a socially deprived area there is beauty to be found. Take a walk and see for yourself. Perhaps you may notice the beauty of a wild flower, the smile of an elderly person or the laughter of a small child. If you live in an area with old buildings look at the design of them and imagine how they have changed over the years.
So go on now, take a Mindful Walk. If you would like to share how you felt and what you saw I would love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about Mindfulness you may like to read my book:
A Beginner’s Guide To Mindfulness by Marion McGeough available from Amazon in Kindle with the paperback version coming out shortly.

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